Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Be Like Water

A friend was recently given this vague advice. "Be like water, my friend."

I've heard this advice many times in my life and usually the implication was to flowing, take the path of least resistance, take the shape of the container, or something along those lines. There are, however, many ways to be like water.

A gentle steady rain providing needed moisture to plants and animals.

A thunderstorm creating flash floods wiping away everything in its path.

A consistent coursing river cutting down into the earth over many years.

An arroyo only carrying water when conditions are right.

A calm sea.

A tsunami.

A water fall crashing over a cliff.

Freeze and thaw splitting rocks.

So go my friends and be like water. There is a time to take the shape of the vessel and a time to dash the vessel against the rocks. A time to conform to the path laid out for you and a time to wash it away. A time to wait patiently, a time to consistently push to greater depths.

Be like water.