Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Outdone By My Daughter. . .And Couldn't Be Happier

On a recent run, my wife, our dog, and our daughter ran to a nearby creek. Nearby being 1.75 miles if you stay on the roads. We ran there, me pushing the jogging stroller, my wife holding the dog. We let the dog play in the water a bit. On the way back my four year old daughter said she wanted to run. She was wearing the water shoes we got on clearance recently. Those shoes are still a bit to big for her, but they have Rapunzel from tangled on them so she loves them.

In less than a quarter of a mile, she had tripped over the ends of her shoes slightly skinning one knee. She got up determined to keep running. My wife said to her, Emma I don't think you should run in those shoes, they are too big for you.

So she took off the shoes.

And ran.

1.25 miles barefoot on the road.

The most I've run barefoot has been .5 miles.

Proud daddy.