Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Soft Star Shoes Children's Rambler

When I realized what cramped shoes had done to my feet over a lifetime, I started looking for a good choice of footwear for my daughter so that she would not suffer the same injuries and, let's be honest, deformities.

The solution I came to was a company called Soft Star Shoes.

Is there supposed to be a disclaimer here? Soft Star Shoes has given me nothing, I've bought four pairs of footwear from them, one for me, one for each member of my family.

Ramblers after some serious wear and tear.
Anyway, my little girl loved her Soft Star Ramblers.

Her style was a smooth leather upper, Vibram rubber sole, and a sheepskin insole. She got them in August 2011 and wore them until her toes grew through the end.

This has been her favorite of any shoe she has ever worn. She still occasionally asks if she can wear them even though they don't fit her anymore.

She grew right out the end.
I love Soft Stars commitment to sustainability and their community. I also love their shoes. These shoes were put to the test of a very active four year old. She ran in them, as much as a mile on pavement, she hiked in them, played in them, rode her bike in them. The sheepskin eventually had holes worn through, and after 6 months the stitching came apart at the toes in one shoe. That is partially because the leather kept stretching to accommodate her growing foot allowing the sole to eventually start wearing where the stitches were.

What's left of the sole after many miles.
The shoe has a two piece upper that can let water and debris in, but this was not often a problem. The shoes allowed her foot to move and flex naturally while staying on her feet without slipping off. This is accomplished by an elastic strap around the ankle. As I mentioned earlier, the leather stretched as her foot grew, so even as she outgrew the sole, the leather still allowed her foot to remain uncramped.

So those are her daddy's thoughts, what did she think of the Ramblers?

She says they were her best, best, best shoes, she loved them because they were pink and blue and so comfy and had sheepskin and were so flexible.

In short. Best shoe for kids I've ever seen.