Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Old, Weathered, and Worn.

It was February, but the weather was incredible. The sky was a bright blue, with small puffs of white racing across it. Despite the brisk wind there were still plenty of people out in shorts and tank tops running on the track at the park where my daughter and I were playing on the playground. After our fun, we headed over to Wal-Mart to  get some groceries. On our way out the door a smiling face caught my attention. The sun was almost spotlighting this guy, he had a joyful look on his weathered face and his shoulders were rounded forward a bit. Looking at that face he seemed healthy and spry, and yes, rather old,weathered, and worn, maybe in his seventies.

 The next thing I noticed is that this guy was dressed in a manner I don't see many guys of his apparent age dressing. He had on a thin t-shirt and track shorts. Then I noticed his vastus lateralis muscle (one of the muscles of the quadriceps). The reason I noticed his vastus lateralis is that this dude's legs were freakin' ripped. Every muscle stood out under his skin like steel cables. He could have posed in an anatomy book to show the musculature of the legs. Every muscle was clearly definable. I've heard people say, "I hope I'm that fit when I'm his age." I hope I'm that fit now.

Then I thought, "I bet this guy runs faster than me."

So thanks, old guy at Wal-Mart, for giving me a goal and inspiration.