Sunday, March 17, 2013

Half Marathon Report by Dr. Seuss

My wife and I, we like to run.
We run for fun in the hot, hot sun.
We run in the rain, we run to train,
We run in the dark, we run in the park.

We like to run on trails you see,
Today we ran in Tennessee.
Over 13 miles to race,
Would we win? Would we place?

Through the woods, up and down hills,
Lots of curves lots of thrills.
My wife, she asked me, "Do we dare?
Are we in danger of seeing bears?"

I googled the answer to calm her fears,
There haven't been bears in there for years.
So we headed to the race,
To run at an exciting pace.

We ran our race (It was really fun.)
We ran our best 'til it was done.
We didn't place, we didn't win,
But we are sure we'll go again.

Full race report here.