Friday, March 22, 2013


Picture this.

Don't just read through, don't skim, engage your imagination.

You walk into the gas station and this woman is handing out scratch off lottery tickets just for the fun of it. She hands you one walks out the door and drives away. You laugh a little then head over to the counter, pull a dime out of your pocket and proceed to scratch away. Several other people are doing the same. The guy next to you scratches, then says, "Dang, I had my hopes up." He looks your way and says, "I lost my wallet yesterday and I just ran out of gas, I was hoping to win enough to fill up so I could get back home."

As you go back to scratching your ticket you realize you have been given a winner. You just won 1,440 dollars.

Would you give that guy $30 for gas?

30 dollars would be 2 percent of what you just won, you would still have 1,410 dollars from your winnings.

Would you do it?

Every morning when you wake up, you have 1,440 minutes before the next morning.

Would you give yourself 2%? Would you spend thirty minutes per day investing in your own health? Get up, go out the door, walk briskly for fifteen minutes, then turn around and come home.

That is all, two percent of your day.

The benefits?
Increased Cardiovascular health.
Improved immune system
Lowered chance of obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer. . .
Improved mood
Improved mental function
The list goes on.