Friday, December 21, 2012

Trail Race Training.

My eyes are set on the Fall Creek Falls Trail Race again this February. Last year this was my first race longer than a 5K and my first trail race. The website calls it a 12 mile race, but the race director sent out an email saying that it was indeed a true half marathon.

Just in case it was a little short of a half marathon, I ran off onto a fire road for a little while to make sure and get my distance in.

No really, I did it on purpose. Seriously.

Well, it was so much fun last time that my family and I are training for it again. This time I am utilizing a secret weapon that a lot of runners seem not to think about.

Strength Training!

That's right, along with lots of running I am doing  goblet squats, one leg deadlifts, one legged squats, lunges and what not. Sometimes body weight, sometimes with kettlebells and sometimes with my daughter on my back as well.

This should help me conquer those killer hills.

Or as my family and I like to say, "There is no hill!