Friday, October 12, 2012

I'm A Little Fast, But That Doesn't Really Matter

I'm not fast fast, but I am a little fast. I don't have any illusions delusions about it, but according to this chart, my 20:30 PR does put me on the left edge of the chart over there. I'm aiming for <20:00 tomorrow, but I've been aiming for that for quite a while now.

Will I nail my goal tomorrow?

I don't know, and really, it doesn't matter.

My performance in that race tomorrow won't change the world, nor will it change my community, and it really won't change my life.

What has changed my life is the commitment to training that I have held preparing for this race. Getting up before sun rise and running, going out trail running with my wife, setting a good example for fitness and diet for my daughter and stepdaughter, and kung fu students, those are the things that will make a difference.

So tomorrow, at the Medical Center 10K classic I will run the 5K race, and I will finish in under 20 minutes.

Or I won't.

Regardless I am going to run my butt off.