Friday, November 30, 2012

Love It Hate It

Speed Work.

Speed work and I have a love hate relationship.

Today was my first speed work in a month and a half, and I remembered today  just how hard it is to run a half mile as fast as you can. During each fast interval I was spontaneously creating reasons why I shouldn't do the other fast intervals.

I did do them all though. I muscled through it. I kept turning my legs over, and kept redirecting my thoughts to a positive way of thinking.

So I thought I would share some of the things that keep me going when there is a part of my brain telling me to slow down and take it easy.

I want to get faster.
In my world I almost never have to push to myself to my limits, so I must choose to do so.
I want to increase my heart health so my daughter will have a daddy longer.
-------------so my wife will have a husband longer.
------------------so my stepkids will have a stepdad longer.
If I want to inspire other people to do something about their health I have to set the example.

How about you, what keeps you going? Comment below.