Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pace Vs. Effort

This morning's tempo run was tough. My training plan called for a specific pace per mile and I was behind on every mile.

I could also say: This morning's tempo run was successful, I was able to maintain the effort level I needed throughout the workout.

Like Captain Barbosa, I tend to look at pace as a guideline rather than an actual rule. So when I fall short on pace I look for the possible reasons. Today, I had to stop due to a dog on one of my miles, on another mile, I am unsure of the exact spot on the road that marks my turn around place, on another mile, the whole path is up challenging hills. On some days, it is too hot, on others I didn't get enough fuel in the morning.

On some days I nail my pace, and on some I go even faster while having the right effort level.

In short, when I run, I see pace as an outcome, rather than a necessity. I use pace (fake goal) as a guideline to make sure I'm not slacking off, but allow some flexibility due to conditions.