Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Low Hollow Trail 5K Race

So I've got this long running joke in my family. There is this guy in my age group at races who ALWAYS roasts me and usually wins my age group. There was this one race in which I won my age group simply because he won overall and was no longer in the running for age group prizes. He usually finishes 4 to 5 minutes ahead of me. So when they give out awards, or when we look at online results, I do my best Lex Luthor impression, raise a fist and say his name as if he were my arch nemesis. In fact, with that analogy, I will refer to him as "Superman" for the rest of this post.

I ran a trail 5K last weekend, and when I got near the start line I say him. Superman!! (imagine that in a great Lex Luthor growl). So I ran the race had a great time and at results time when they got to my age group awards they said, "Third place, Superman!" I said, (in my head of course) "Superman!! That means I didn't place at all." Then they said something that sent me into shock. "Second place, Steven O'nan."

Wait, what?!?!?

I beat Superman?!??!

Now I realize there are all sorts of reasons that could be behind this, but the fact remains, the day after riding my bike 45 miles I went to a 5K race and defeated Superman. 

22:29, 13th place overall, 2nd place in my age division.