Monday, February 4, 2013

Running Vs. The Real World

My workout schedule definitely did not include spending two days in bed sick. I ended up missing my long run just a month and a half away from my goal race. The real world can really get in the way of a good run.

It was very tempting to make plans to get up early in the morning on Monday and "make up" that long run before my wife had to leave the house.

Fortunately I wised up and talked myself out of it.

I reminded myself that the day I was able to hold down food I felt like I had just finished a half marathon. It wouldn't be wise for me to do a long run the day after a half marathon, so it wouldn't be wise for me to do a long run this morning either.

So I got up, leashed the dog, put on my layers and went for an easy three miles. The vital part is that I did not once look at my watch.

I needed a recovery run. I ran easy, my only measures of my pace were how hard I was breathing and whether or not I could talk easily. The reason I'll never get into MAF training is that I really don't care to keep checking my heart rate all the time. I'd rather use the submaximal talk test to determine what sort of training zone I am in. If I can say the pledge of allegiance I'm running easy.

For the first 3/4 of a mile I was glad I had decided not to run a long run. I just couldn't get into the groove, but shortly after the first mile that smooth feeling hit and I felt like I could go for hours. I stuck to my commitment to only run 3 though.

I was very glad to have done it, the run felt great, and I had a moment of beauty while out there.

The sun had not risen yet, but its light was shining over the horizon causing the frosty grass to turn to silver glitter. As I came up the last large hill on the way home, two horses stood grazing at the top of the hill with the sunlight behind them. Backlit they were dark silhouettes at the top of a dark hill with the first orange rays of sunlight streaming around them. As I watched them, everything else disappeared and I ran up the hill with no awareness that I was running. The running had faded into the background and this scene before me was the only thing in my mind.

What a way to get back on my feet. The real world can really transform a good run into a magical moment.